Ocean Water Facilities Co,. Ltd is a collection of water floating design, construction , buoys and accessories sales of a professional water engineering company. My company is located in Industrial Area launched the new plant has been completed , covering 25,380 square feet.

Our company is committed to the development of water floating projects, products have been widely used in the floating mooring dock , floating bridge , musical performances platform , water contest platform , water pools , farms , tourism , boardwalk , marina, ferry pier, water sports platform , water stage , sea bathing and so on. Water buoys and floating pontoon is a basic unit of construction , there are flexible assembly fast, light, environment friendly , stable and safe, economical and many other advantages , according to aesthetic and practical needs to build a water project . I produced the floats, pontoon has good resistance to Hou and shock destructive , can antifreeze, grease and other chemical agents resistance to seawater erosion, quality assurance, in terms of technology has been in the forefront of the industry .

I am in constant development and expansion of training a group of excellent high-quality engineering design and construction personnel, and accumulated a wealth of practical experience in engineering , such as ( Shanghai Huangpu River assault boats dock, Shanghai World Expo designated performance pier, Shili Road, Jiujiang, Jiangxi greening projects , the main city of Singapore pontoon platform project , etc. ) . The Company is actively research and development, innovation, solved many technical problems in the industry .

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