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Taizhou Zhongyuan Water Facilities Co., Ltd.


       Taizhou cosco water facilities co., ltd. is a collection of floating engineering design, construction, buoy and accessories sales as one of a professional water engineering company.

Our company is committed to the development of floating projects, the products have been widely used in floating berthing wharf, floating bridge, music performance platform, water competition platform, water swimming pool, farm, sightseeing, pontoon bridge, yacht terminal, ferry terminal, water leisure platform, water stage, sea bathing. Pontoons and pontoons are the basic units of floating buildings on the water, with many advantages such as flexible assembly, light weight, environmental protection, stability, safety and economy, etc. The pontoons and pontoons produced by our company have good resistance to weather and impact damage, can prevent freezing, anti-corrosion of seawater chemical oil stains and other erosion, quality assurance, technology has been in the forefront of the industry.

       In growing my company has trained a number of highly qualified excellent engineering design and construction personnel, and accumulated rich experience in engineering practice, such as charge (Shanghai huangpu river boat port, Shanghai world expo specified performances, jiangxi jiujiang ten mile river landscaping project, Singapore main pontoon platform project, etc.). The company actively r & d, pioneering innovation, to solve the industry's many technical problems.

       Our company in line with the "focus on technology, intentions of service", all to customer needs as the center, we hope that through our professional technology and unremitting efforts, to provide you with the most satisfactory service, sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to call to negotiate!



Seek efficiency with quality, expand development with reputation, customer satisfaction is the root, staff satisfaction is the guarantee.


1. Enterprise service concept——Know more than the customer what the customer needs

2. Corporate image view——Every employee is a business card

3. Enterprise cooperation view——Unconditional guarantee of smooth flow between nodes

4. Enterprise competition view——Always go one step ahead of your opponent

5. Enterprise crisis view——The greatest crisis is the absence of crisis

6. Enterprise Talent——People first, together

7. Enterprise growth view——The pursuit of excellence, create a legend


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